Games | News | Nintendo at E3 2017: Announcements

Nintendo's E3 press conference took place on Tuesday 13th June, and was even shorter than I'd expected. Nintendo just kind of tends to do their own thing at this point in the game, and as hit and miss as it can be, this year was a definite hit following the release of the Switch. Although, there don't seem to be many Switch games coming out that I'll actually be interested in playing,  and others were just a given, for instance Game Freak saying they'll be making a Pokémon game for it. Like, duh. Full spotlight embedded at the bottom.

What they announced:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim x Zelda

Metroid Prime 4


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass

Rocket League

Sonic Forces

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Fire Emblem Warriors

Xenoblades Chronicles 2

Super Mario Odyssey

What I'm looking forward to:

Who isn't looking forward to a Yoshi game? This game looks super adorable and super fun, and as an avid Yoshi lover I'm definitely going to pick this game up when it comes out. It looks like the kind of game you can pick up whenever, put down whenever, and come back to whenever, which for someone who is often too tired to get into something long haul after a long day at work, is absolutely perfect.

Super Mario Odyssey
Well doesn't this look weird, wacky, and wonderful. Honestly this entire trailer was just tripping balls from start to finish, and my jaw was on the floor half the time. Control a Tyrannosaurus? Check. Moustachioed fish? Check. Excellent. This looks like a whirlwind of fun and hopefully it'll play that way, too.

Watch the full Nintendo E3 presentation below.