Games | News | EA Play at E3 2017: Announcements

So, on Saturday June 10th, EA kicked off E3 2017 with its weekend-long event EA Play, starting with its press conference. Alongside the announcement, EA also hosted a variety of live-streams on multiple platforms such as their website, YouTube, and Twitch. The games showcase in its entirety is embedded at the bottom of this post, for your viewing pleasure.

The titles they revealed are:

Madden 18: Long Shot

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar (Expansion)

A Way Out


NBA Live 18

Star Wars Battlefront II

Need for Speed: Payback


What I'm looking forward to:

A Way Out
I'm always looking for co-op games that my boyfriend and I can play, so while the actual look of the game and the plot aren't what I typically would go for, I'm interested in seeing what a co-op only campaign will play like.

Star Wars Battlefront II
A pretty easy pick for pretty much everyone. I never got the chance to play the first Battlefront, but while a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, it seemed to be not quite hitting the mark. I'm excited to give this one a try now that EA have listened to the feedback from the players.

See the full EA Play Announcement show below from the 2:46:00 mark.