Films | News | Quentin Tarantino making Manson Murders Movie

So much alliteration. Right, so on July 11th The Hollywood Reporter reported as an exclusive that Quentin Tarantino is making a film revolving around the infamous Manson murders. Apparently the script isn't quite finished yet, and Tarantino is still shopping around for his A-list cast. It's rumoured that Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Margot Robbie have been either approached or are interested in roles within the Manson movie, but Lawrence apparently rejected the role of pregnant victim Sharon Tate. Sorry, but who the fuck rejects a role for a Tarantino movie?

Actually, I believe that this is the only Tarantino film I can appreciate someone would want to turn down a role in. The Manson murders will be the only true crime movie Tarantino will have ever tackled, and with his repertoire of films as brutal in nature as the Kill Bill series and the kind of cartoonish gore they featured, it's not ridiculous to be apprehensive of how he's going to approach these events. He's not known for a delicate nature when it comes to murder and general bloodshed, and covering the murder of 8 month pregnant Sharon Tate is not something I'd ever be brave enough to do if I were in the business of making films. The victims of the Manson murders still have family alive, and Tarantino could face significant backlash and protest from them if he creates this film with the level of gore and vulgarity that his previous works have featured. I don't know the steps he may have taken to ensure that they're alright with him portraying their family member's deaths in this movie, and I'm not going to pretend to know. I hope he has approached them though, out of respect.

I was slightly apprehensive as well about what aspects of the Manson "family" Tarantino would cover, whether it would solely be the murders or maybe have the focus on Charles and how he built his little clan. There aren't really details on the script yet as it's not been finalised, but one part appears to be concrete, and that's that one of the stories will focus on Sharon Tate. I mentioned her earlier, but for those who don't know, Tate was the wife of director Roman Polanski, and was murdered 8th August 1969 when she was 8 months pregnant by four of Manson's followers. If one of the stories focuses on her, that obviously leads to the conclusion that there are multiple stories and main characters, possibly á la the style of Tarantino's Kill Bill; main characters whose stories overlap, and I'm going to take a punt and say the main character who will drive the story will be Manson himself, in the same vein as the Bride.

However, Manson never actually murdered anyone. He shot someone, sliced someone's ear off, but never actually killed anyone. He directed members of his family to kill people sure, but he wasn't even present for Tate's murder, which is easily their most infamous by miles. If he was to be followed as the main Bride-esque character within this film, then the film might feel somewhat hollow. The main murderers in both the Tate and LaBianca murders were Charles Denton Watson, known as "Tex", and Susan Atkins (both claimed to be the killer of Tate herself), and another family member named Bobby Beausoleil was responsible for the family's first murder of a man named Gary Hinman on July 25th, 1969. In total, the family killed 8 people in 3 instances over 2 months in 1969.

I don't know how many people are getting stories within Tarantino's Manson film aside from Tate, but I would hedge my bets on Tex and Atkins, and of course Manson himself. Tarantino does well with threading a story through quite large groups of people, so I'm incredibly interested to see how this will be put together. As Tarantino is still shopping around for finance and finalising the script, shooting isn't expected to start until around summer 2018.

Can't wait!